I have been on the air for the better part of two decades, mainly in a classic rock format but I’m not without my opinions.  I pen a weekly opinion column entitled What the Hell is up the That?  It’s my daily dose of attitude where I get to ask what happened to reason, what happened to common sense. What the hell is up with that?

I serve on boards that help those that need it the most, the homeless, the ill, the hungry, the developmentally delayed and I take great pride in making sure kids get every chance they can to succeed so that our future remains bright.

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Steve West is a songwriter and former radio talk show host in Brattleboro, Vermont who has been observing the human species since the early sixties, and is compiling a detailed report. A lifelong political wonk, Steve became drawn to politics as a young boy during the Watergate hearings, and has spent much of the subsequent decades both horrified and amazed by the sociopolitical oddities that make up so much of our world. He's an unabashed leftist with a penchant for critical thinking and evidence-based discourse, with plenty to say about the world and how it gets that way.

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