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This is Ear Spoon, podcasts for everything you thinking anyway.  Yup, be it politics, Story telling, the Presidunce Tweeting digital poo, life philosophy, we’re talking about it.  So go ahead, download an episode on that intelligent device you're carrying around all day that’s smarter than the average voter and give us a listen.



William Forchion - THought leader and former cirque du soleil acrobat.  Bill stimulates thought provoking conversation into the processes of the mind. this podcast is an invitation to delve deeper into our human curiosity with the potential to indentify and possibly re-pattern the way we think.     >> See all



Since we generate this thing in Vermont and reside in this great state, we felt we owed it some real estate.  This is where you’ll find things that effect the Green Mountains.   >> See all


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