Let me get this straight, Trump Screws a porn star and....

Me, I’d like to call Bullshit on the evangelicals.  I’m not a religious person, in fact I can probably connect anything bad that has ever happened to religion, the proof is in the holy water.  You know what else is in that holy water?  Hypocrisy!  Lots and lots of hypocrisy! 

Okay, I’ll agree, I came on a little strong there.  But as I understand religion or rather understood religion it was a faction of people that were kind and good, that served people, that were humble and yes able to turn the other cheek.  But now, the whole “I’m a Christian” thing seems only to be the shield they throw up for convenience, something they can hide behind.  I know plenty of people that call themselves Christian and actually tow that line.  But I also know some that don’t, they are in a constant state of contradiction, they think going to church every Sunday is what makes them a good Christian.  Well, just because you stand in a gym once a week doesn’t make you a body builder, you must put in the work.  I especially point the finger at the Evangelicals. 

Again, let me say I know many people that call themselves Christians and don’t support this dumpster fire that is occupying the oval office.  They have the same problem that you and I have.  That is, how can you be a womanizing chauvinist that has slept with a porn star and still be offered protection by the Evangelicals?  It’s not like he just started acting like this.   He’s got over a 35-year history of being someone that shouldn’t be accepted into a “Christian Fold”.  Just on martial status he should be fired by the Christians. Married three times, extra marital affairs, extra – extra marital affairs.  Everything about this guy, throws him on the unrepentant sinner’s pile.  If he ever stepped up and said, “I’ve seen the light” and changed his behavior and at the very least stopped and began to act more like a Christian I guess I would let it go.  But he hasn’t, so some Evangelicals have said that Trump is modern-day Cyrus, an ancient Persian king chosen by God to navigate in chaos.  Wow!  Really?

We do live in an age where normal is being redefined daily.  Let’s face it, 10 – 15 years ago if the leader of the free world was rumored to have had an affair with a porn star, I have to believe things would be very different.  I believe at the very least the Evangelicals and Conservative Christians would most likely be silent on the matter until more information became available.  But not this time around.  Nope, some are being outspoken in their support of this President showing a double standard that I personally am not familiar with.  It’s not that I’m out of touch with what a religious belief is.  I was raised Catholic in the 60’s and 70’s and figured out by the 80s that people like Jim Bakker could truly manipulate the masses with the “word of God” and cash in.  That said, a standard (or at the very least a public face) was established, a code if you will that would allow you to create some distance between this sort of political football.  But then enter Jimmy Swaggart, oh well.

All the arguments have been made, the Clinton name brought up throughout the entire “scandal”.  The defenders of the Trump brand doubling down on their rhetoric.  It’s easy to discredit Stormy Daniels, she’s a porn star, she has no morals (at least by a societal definition), she will say anything for money and do anything to stay in the public eye, she is easily labeled and that’s an easy story to tell.  Yet, we’ve seen many pictures with her and the orange one.  You can’t deny that… or can you?  See, it’s confusing and frankly makes next to no sense. 

It boils down to this for me.  The whole idea of religion being a good thing isn’t completely lost. There are plenty that practice their faith properly.  But I also think that it’s a convenient thing to hide behind, and it’s being used that way too.  And I’m sorry, you don’t get to have it both ways.  What the hell is up with that?

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