The Mean get Meaner


Is it just me, or is everyone on the planet becoming an asshole?  Honest to Christ, we can't get off this train of meanness.  Everyone is after everybody and nobody will listen to anybody and we have to win!  When did that become the new norm?  It doesn't seem to stop either, just when you think it has, it finds a loop hole to throw everything it can back into the shitter.

Florida passes some kind of gun legislation and the NRA sues.  WHAT THE FUCK!!!  Regardless of the laws how does an organization like the NRA rail up against the people and say, "Nope!  We're going to sue you, we're going to make sure that guns are as easy to buy as candy".  It truly is a head scratcher and we live is a bloody scalp culture already.

The NRA's apparent stance on protecting guns!

The NRA's apparent stance on protecting guns!

The very fact that we've allowed an organization to publicly call out pretty much an entire nation that whole heartily wants our school children to stop dying in schools is beyond me.  If you haven't seen it, Here's the NRA's newest shiny object that gun porn nuts will drool over (she looks like a Bond Villain) as she tells pretty much everybody (seriously... listen to the list because it's the NRA against the World) that their time is up!  WOW!!!  Again, off the backs of dead children.

I'm not sure what the thinking here was, but boy can I tell you the level of mean and insensitive that it was?  Even an organization like the NRA surely must have a heart... yes?  Well, after the release of that video I'm truly not convinced.  After the umptenth school shooting that claimed 17 more lives, they can't even get on board with saying something like, "how can we help", "what can we and our members do to assist".  Nope, instead... TIME'S UP.   That's how they respond, they don't go quiet, they don't become at all sensitive to the senseless deaths of 17 US Citizens!  No! They just get meaner.

Again, I'm not the guy that is looking to take away your guns, nor am I the guy that wants to tear apart the NRA.  Nothing those assholes did from November 17th, 1871 when they were founded until May 20th, 2000 when then NRA President Charlton Heston famously said, "From my Cold Dead Hands".  That's where this thing took a serious bend toward crazy.  Again, I get that people want their guns, I get that people want their rights not to be attacked.  But we are living through an administration that spends its days attacking the 1st amendment!  So, there's that!

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